What to look for in a Receipt Bank alternative and replacement

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  • Ditch the Cloud. Bring your receipt organization back to the desktop.
  • Look for a Receipt Bank alternative with a user-friendly interface.
  • A Receipt Bank replacement needs to not just provide receipt scanning, it should excel at it.
  • Integrate your receipts management with QuickBooks.
  • Mobile receipts are almost required.
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Receipt Bank Alternative and Replacement Overview

When it comes to receipt tracking, simplicity is key. Look for a system that handles multiple users just as easily as single users. Even more importantly, look for a system that keeps your files on your own computer, where they belong. Does a viable Receipt Bank alternative exist? Absolutely. And the alternative is FileCenter Receipts.

This article will discuss the key considerations when replacing Receipt Bank and shows you why we recommend FileCenter Receipts.

Ditch the Cloud – Bring Your Receipt Organization Back to the Desktop

The Cloud has been a boon in many respects. Most users, however, remain justifiably leery of entrusting confidential information to a public server. For that reason alone, demand for dedicated desktop programs remains as strong as ever. Unfortunately, that significantly narrows the field when it comes to choosing receipt tracking software.

FileCenter Receipts is dedicated to privacy. And the only true route to privacy is keeping your sensitive data on your own computer. FileCenter Receipts is and will continue to be desktop software with local storage.

But what about users who love the convenience of Cloud drives like Google Drive, OneDrive or DropBox? FileCenter Receipts also embraces freedom of choice, so it fully supports those platforms for those who choose to use them. The point is, the control is in your hands.

Look for a Receipt Bank Alternative with a User-Friendly Interface

Any software maker will tell you that user interfaces are a balancing act between simplicity and functionality. When looking for a Receipt Bank alternative, find a solution that hits the right balance for you. The most simplistic receipt organizers give you a bare-bones list of receipts and stop there. The most sophisticated ones approach QuickBooks in complexity – complete overkill for managing receipts digitally.

FileCenter Receipts aims for clean simplicity with just enough features to be useful for most users, along with an extra bit of customizability to stretch it even further for power users. You'll organize your receipts digitally in an electronic register but also have some powerful tools for filtering, sorting, and generating the reports you need.

A Receipt Bank Replacement Needs to Not Just Provide Receipt Scanning, It Should Excel at It

A key feature of any receipt management system like Receipt Bank is receipt scanning. FileCenter Receipts utilizes the FileCenter document scanning engine, one of the best in the business. You'll enjoy one-click scanning, where you can rapidly scan and book a receipt in one action. FileCenter Receipts Pro also includes Optical Character Recognition to automatically identify key information in the receipt and extract it for you. You'll often scan and book receipts without touching the keyboard. That's simplicity.

Integrate Your Receipts Management with QuickBooks

Are you a tax professional? Do you use a tax professional? Your receipt management platform should tie into leading accounting software so that any receipts you or your clients enter can be automatically entered into the accounting software as well.

FileCenter Receipts, for example, integrates with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop so that any receipt entered in FileCenter Receipts can also be posted to the accounting software. For end users, this means your tax professional can receive your receipts in real-time. For tax professionals, this means you can stop nagging your clients for receipts. A simple solution where everyone wins.

Mobile Receipts Are Almost Required

In the age of smartphones, we now have the convenience of snapping pictures of our receipts on the spot. This means no more tiny pieces of paper floating around in our purses and wallets. Most users will consider mobile receipt capture a must.

In the case of FileCenter Receipts, you have a number of options for mobile receipt capture. If you use FileCenter Receipts in conjunction with QuickBooks Online, FileCenter Receipts provides a mobile app for capturing and transfering receipts. For those who use a Cloud drive for document storage – like Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox – FileCenter Receipts can make use of the drive to pass mobile receipts to the desktop. For all other users, FileCenter Receipts provides a powerful Inbox where you can dump digital photos of your receipts then quickly book them. The choice is yours.

Our Recommended Receipt Bank Alternative and Replacement

FileCenter Receipts evolved from the real-world needs of real-world users, resulting in a mix of convenience and power. Not only is FileCenter Receipts a viable Receipt Bank alternative and replacement, it improves on Receipt Bank in many ways. Download a free trial today.