What to look for in a Neat Receipts replacement

In This Article:

  • A good Neat alternative will still provide a user-friendly interface but it should free your receipts from the Cloud
  • A Neat Receipts replacement needs to not just provide receipt scanning, it should excel at it
  • You can still use your Neat scanner without the Neat software
  • Replace Neat Receipts' mobile app
  • You can get better receipt analysis than Neat offers
  • Enjoy more accounting integrations than Neat Receipts
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Neat Alternative and Replacement Overview

Looking for a Neat Receipts alternative? Look for a system that puts simplicity as its top priority. Even more importantly, look for a system that keeps your receipts on your own computer, where they belong. Does a viable Neat Receipts replacement exist? Absolutely. And the alternative is FileCenter Receipts.

This article will discuss the key considerations when replacing Neat Receipts and shows you why we recommend FileCenter Receipts.

A Neat Replacement that Doesn't Use the Cloud

Neat Receipts made a monumental mistake when they shifted receipt storage from your computer to the Cloud. Neat cloud services have been very poorly received for one vital reason: users want control over their files. Unfortunately, Neat's cloud storage deprives users of that control.

An alternate approach to file storage – one makes the most sense for most users – is to keep your receipts right on your own hard drive. In short, it keeps you in control.

In this scenario, FileCenter Receipts shines as a Neat alternative and replacement. FileCenter Receipts stores receipts in simple electronic receipt boxes, a very simple concept for most users to grasp. More importantly, behind the scenes FileCenter Receipts stores those receipt boxes on your hard drive in standard Windows folders. You never have to worry about having access or control. For those who enjoy Cloud access, FileCenter can optionally integrate with leading Cloud drives, like OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox.

Replace Neat's Receipt Scanning

A key feature of Neat Receipts is receipt scanning. FileCenter Receipts gets its scanning engine from FileCenter, one of the most powerful, yet simple, scanning interfaces around. It captures both the image and the receipt text so that every receipt is searchable.

FileCenter Receipts is compatible with almost every scanner out there, including ...

Continue to Use Your Neat Scanner

A lot of users wonder if they can still use their Neat scanner without the software. Absolutely. The Neat Receipts scanner software and drivers are separate from Neat Receipts itself. As long as you have the scanner drivers installed on your machine, the Neat scanner will work with other programs, like FileCenter Receipts. In fact, this makes it even easier to move away from Neat Receipts. If you find that you have trouble with your Neat scanner not scanning, it's usually just a matter of re-installing the scanner drivers.

Replace Neat Receipts' Mobile App

Mobile receipt entry is a huge time-saver. It allows you to enjoy a "touch it once" policy where the only time you touch a receipt is at the register. From there you snap a quick picture of the receipt, then toss it. Any viable Neat replacement should offer this functionality.

FileCenter Receipts offers mobile receipt importing but doesn't stop there. It also has a powerful Inbox feature where you can bring in receipts from nearly anywhere: a phone, a Cloud drive, or better yet, an email message – a handy feature as more and more stores begin offering electronic receipts.

Enjoy Better Receipt Analysis than Neat Receipts

Computers are smart – smart enough to read a receipt and extract receipt details. Neat Receipts does this to a small extent, but it doesn't really take advantage of the brains in your computer.

FileCenter Receipts does. When you scan in a receipt, FileCenter Receipts is intelligent enough to figure out where the receipt is from. Store, pharmacy, gas station, restaurant ... it doesn't matter. FileCenter Receipts will find the name. And if it isn't sure, FileCenter Receipts knows the names of 10,000 of the most common vendors in the US, so it can make an educated suggestion.

But the intelligence doesn't stop there. FileCenter Receipts can also find dates, totals, and even suggest payment accounts and item categories based on your past activity. With all of this intelligence helping you along, you'll often find yourself entering receipts in just a couple of mouse clicks.

QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop

You can eliminate a lot of duplicate entry by tying your receipt scanning software to your (or your accountant's) accounting software. Neat Receipts integrates with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. FileCenter Receipts matches that functionality.

Our Recommended Neat Alternative and Replacement

FileCenter Receipts evolved from the real-world needs of real-world users, resulting in such convenient features as reports that include the original receipts, easy receipt searching, and powerful receipt data extraction. Not only is FileCenter Receipts a viable Neat alternative and replacement, it improves on Neat in many ways. Download a free trial today.